Garcinia Cambodia

Garcinia Cambodia has been called by the media a “miracle diet”. Even being featured on TV!
Garcinia Cambodia Plant

This pumpkin shaped fruit found in Asia has been used for 100’s if not for 1000’s of years for various aliments. Recently research has found that garcinia cambodia can help you in the aid of losing weight.

Garcinia cambodia has been used in various studies to find out how effective it really is. The conclusion of those studies have yielded that garcinia cambodia does in fact help you lose weight by blocking fat and suppressing your apetite.

The participants of most of some of the studies were told now to change their eating habits whatsoever. They were still able to lose weight and feel much better.


What is Garcinia Cambodia?

For the native people that have grown up eating garcinia. They would report a “full” feeling after eating it. Which would explain the appetite suppressant ability that it has. The reason why garcinia cambodia has this effect is a compound called Hydroxycitiric or HCA for short.  This compound is found inside the rind not the actual fruit part.

Studies have found that HCA help suppress appetite and doing one other very important thing. HCA blocks fat, not many supplements can even come close to saying that. HCA inhibits an enzyme  which stops the fat making process.


Dosage for Garcinia Cambodia?

Whenever you buy Garcinia Cambodia there should be instructions on how to take it. If there isn’t your best bet would be not take it. Since to me that would indicate that it wasn’t from a reliable source. But just in case you don’t have the instructions or just researching. The guidelines that you should take between 500mg to 1000mg before every meal not exceeding 3000mg in a single day.

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How do I choose the best Garcinia Cambodia online?

There are a lot of companies who are trying to cash in on garcinia cambodia without doing the proper research. In turn they are producing an inferior product. Some may take this inferior product and determine that garcinia cambodia is a scam. Which is truly unfortunate since garcinia cambodia added to your daily routine can really benefit you in losing weight. When looking for garcinia cambodia you must get one that has no fillers or other artificial ingredients. It MUST have at least 50% HCA or it could just be a waste of money.


What Garcinia Cambodia do you recommend?

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